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Albus, more commonly known as Dumbledore, has pooped everywhere . He also frequently pops up saying "Naked Time" in numerous videos. To the other characters it is quite annoying. In Ron's Disease, it was revealed that he was a poop fan . He has also shown to be much more sympathetic then his real counterpart is in the books, and his old age is mocked, where he can't remember such simple things and has a short attention span and is very dumb. He has a big appetite for poop. He has never bathe before in his wizard life .

His full name is Ablus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Trivia:Dumbledore eats ice cream and brocopoop soup like Snape. When he is naked , he smells like Hagrid and a smelly sock . He eats marshmallows . Whenever he gets tired , his stomach will always growl . In each episode, he dresses up as a cartoon wizard . He smells like a skunk .Dumbledore trusted Snape , the person who killed him .On the Harry Potter animated series, he will appear as a ghost .