Bothering Snape is the first Potter Puppet Pals episode and the first one in flash animation. 


Harry and Ron introduce themselves, and decide to go bother Snape. Snape then introduces himself and Harry and Ron bother him, pushing him around until he loses consciousness. They then leave and they then make the decision to do it again. Snape then loses his temper and uses Avada Kedavra to kill the two. Suddenly, Dumbledore appears and Snape tries to explain

Harry and Ron bother Snape

the situation, but Dumbledore believes Harry and Ron are "taking their afternoon nap", to which Snape uses this moment to escape. Dumbledore then reaches inside Harry and Ron's pockets, and finds 9 Sickles and a dung-bomb, to which he says is his lucky day. Then he looks around to see if anyone is around, and strips for "naked time", and dances.



  • Harry (killed by Snape with Avada Kedavra)
  • Ron (killed by Snape with Avada Kedavra)



Bothering Snape

Bothering Snape

The Bothering Snape video