Hermione is perhaps the most normal of the trio, but shows enough contrast in that she seems to display no real opinion on the events, acting either as a bystander passing comment, or a willing accomplice in Harry's mischief. Which is quite different from the novels. Hermione's intelligence is briefly mentioned but little of what she displays in the books is seen. In the secret butterfly scene she cast a spell on Ron Weasley.

In 'Harrys Dreams ',Harry had a dream that Hermione was addicted to poop, and tried to poop on Harry and Ron with her stinky butt . Her favorite wizard swear word is "Swish and Flicker".


She is the dumbest puppet in the show .

Hagrid and Hermionehave something in common:

They both have smelly butts.

They both are addicted to poop.

They both smell like poop.

They both have brown hair.