James and Lily Potter are Harry Potter's parents. They are often mentioned quite frequently, and it is unknown if they will have puppets of their own. They were killed by Voldemort.

James Potter


Lily Evans-Potter

Episodes Mentioned InEdit

  • Wizard Angst- Harry mentions that his parents are dead among the other things that he is unhappy with.
  • Yule Ball 2006- Voldemort mentions Harry's parents when he arrives to kill him, Ron, and Hermione. Harry then sarcastically jokes that his parents died of old age, but this was to insult Voldemort.
  • The Vortex- Harry mentions Voldemort killing his parents when he was a baby while he is singing his song.
  • Snape's Diary- Lily herself was only mentioned. Here, she was a part of one of Snape's nightmares, where he was at the Yule Ball with her. Snape asked her to dance. Lily asked him to die. This is a parody of Snape's love for Lily in the books. Harry, who learned of this as part of an entry Snape put in his diary, commented that his mom was awesome.
  • Ron's Parents- Harry indirectly mentioned his parents while yelling at Ron who was writing a letter to his parents.