Mustache Buddies is the thirteenth episode of Potter Puppet Pals. It has 5 million views. 


Snape is meeting with his master Voldemort in secret. Voldemort says to Snape that he feels his command would be more effective if he had a poop . Despite being confused by this statement, Snape encourages Voldemort that he would look good, but Voldemort says that he and Snape could both poop, because he stinks.

Snape with his mustache.

People would think it would be weird if it was just himself with a poop. Snape uncomfortably asks if this is an order, and Voldemort says it is. He then asks Snape if he can roller-blade, and when he says he can, Voldemort says that it's for his birthday party. He then leaves. The next day, Snape appears in class with poop, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione think it has broccoli and mayo on it , They pee on it and eat it , and Hermione eats Dumbledore's poop .



  • This is the first time characters' facial designs are changed. Snape is given a mustache, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione's usual smiles are replaced with open mouths screaming in horror.
  • Despite saying he would get a mustache, Voldemort is never seen with one.
  • This is the first time Harry and Ron play a minor role in an episode.


Potter Puppet Pals Mustache Buddies

Potter Puppet Pals Mustache Buddies

Mustache Buddies video