Rubeus Hagrid is the stinky gamekeeper at Hogwarts and a friend of Harry's. He made appearances in Ron's Disease and Neville's Birthday.


As shown in Ron's Disease, Hagrid likes sleeping. He knows how to cure wizard lice, as shown in his song. He seems to be poopy, pooping on Ron with his stinky butt just to kill the wizard lice on his head. He will also be easily manipulated by the promise of fish. Sometimes, it's hard to understand his voice, due to it being deep and grugly. For some reason in Neville's Birthday, he gives Neville a collection of the poop from his underwear, his dog , and his friends. showing him to be a bit retarded. He calls Hermione "poopmione".

Hagrid is known as the stinkiest half giant and poops in the bathtub and on bed.


▪Due to him being a smelly giant, he smells like all kinds of poop.

▪His pet Buckbeak pooped on the ground.

▪He eats Smores and this time the chocolate is replaced by poop.

▪In the books and movies, He is fat .

▪Hagrid enjoys eating chocolate.

▪Hagrid is fat because he eats a lot of poop .Appearances

▪Hagrid is a friend of Sora and helps him in any way. He also poops on Sora .