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Harry Potter


Snape is the Potions teacher. He is very depressed as he said in his diary because he has a lot of bad things happen to him. He does not seem to like any of the other characters except for Voldemort. He espcially hates the kids.


It is unclear as to whether Snape is serving Lord Voldemort, as we are led to beleive in the books, or fighting against him, as he actually iis in the books. In "Trouble at Hogwarts," Snape attempted to kill Voldemort in order to defend the school from his attack (Voldemort then killed Snape (though he didn't stay dead). And in "Mustache Buddies", Snape was seen to be serving the Dark Lord and doing what he says. Disliked and neglected by all of the characters, such as when Dumbledore ignored his "Life-changing vision" in "The Vortex", and even by Voldemort: Snape frequently has his opinions turned down by Voldemort in "Mustache Buddies", Snape is shown to have a deeply mournful and sensitive side. He keeps a diary, where he writes about his highly depressed and unfortunate life, mentioning a dream (possibly a memory) where he asked Harry's mother to dance at the Yule Ball. He writes, "I asked her to dance... she asked me to die." This obviously depressed side of Snape is pitifully supressed and ignored by the other characters. Snape often comes across Harry, Ron and Hermione participating in tomfoolery. He usually gives long descriptions of how they will be punished, giving them time to escape. Also, he is seen drunk in the episode "Neville's Birthday".


  • Bothering Snape
  • Trouble at Hogwarts
  • Potions Class
  • Mysterious Ticking Noise
  • Wizard Swears
  • School is for Losers
  • The Vortex
  • Ron's Disease
  • Snape's Diary
  • Mustache Buddies
  • Neville's Birthday

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