Snape's Diary is the eleventh episode of Potter Puppet Pals. It has 10 million viewers.


Harry runs to Ron and Hermione holding a book, which Ron first confuses as a "young adult vampire romance novel" (which he gets put in the corner by Harry ten seconds after he asked that question), but Harry reveals it is actually Snape's diary. He decides to read it to them, and it is filled with entries about Snape's obviously depressing and useless life, such as having oatmeal for breakfast and crying about his mother, buying fancy mice and watching them cannibalize each other, getting bothered by Harry and Ron, losing a button on his cloak, having a nightmare about Harry's mom Lily Evans rejecting him at the Yule Ball, being late for golf with Lucius Malfoy, having to clean up one of Ron's messes, being bullied by Argus Filch, and crying about his father.
Snape's Diary

Snape writing in his diary at candlelight

The entries are heard and said in Snape's voice with visions of Snape writing in the diary in candelight. Soon, Harry writes a fake entry in the diary which he brags about his awesomeness and makes Snape look a loser, and Ron only writes only three letters. Snape himself suddenly appears and says that somebody knocked him unconsciousness and ransacked his room, but notices his diary in Ron's hands. Harry blames Ron for reading his diary, and says that he read everything in it. Snape loses his temper, but Ron tells Snape that he liked the button story, and that he wishes that Snape will find his button. Snape is then shown with crying, saying "So do I, Orange One. So do I.



  • This episode has the most mentioned characters, with six in total.
  • This is the second episode to have the background as a different color (Snape writing in the dark but by candelight).
  • This is also the last episode to introduce the series' name as well as the episode's title.
  • It's revealed that Snape doesn't know what Ron's real name is and calls him the Orange One.
  • Ron made an indirect reference to Twilight by asking if Snape's diary is a young adult vampire romance novel. It also seems that Harry hates Twilight, as he forces Ron to sit in the corner.
  • This is the sixth time Dumbledore has appeared naked.


Potter Puppet Pals Snape's Diary05:34

Potter Puppet Pals Snape's Diary

Snape's Diary video

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