Wizard Swears is the sixth episode of Potter Puppet Pals. It has 32 million viewers.


As Ron and Hermione are just hanging out, Harry reveals that Dumbledore has put up a list of banned words from Hogwarts, which Hermione says are wizard swears. After trying out a few swears, Snape comes in and Harry shouts a swear at Snape, which causes him to take 500,000 points from Gryffindor house. However, Harry distracts Snape with another swear, and they run away, to which Snape swears himself. After escaping Snape, the trio encounter Neville, where after he hears Ron swear and Harry insults his grandmother by calling her a "blast-ended skank", he goes to tell Dumbledore on them, but Harry stops him from doing so, and forces him to say a wizard swear (Hagrid's buttcrack). Despite Ron and Hermione's cheers, Harry gets disappointed by Neville's lack of ambition and cowardess, and forces him to leave Hogwarts and never come back. He then decides to make a prank call to Voldemort, and shouts "leprechaun taints", where Voldemort (on the phone) threatens to find the trio, get them in wizard jail, and then kill them. Suddenly, Snape comes in with Dumbledore, and when Snape

Harry, Hermione, and Ron make a prank call to Voldemort

begins another long monologue over how profanity should be banned from Hogwarts, Harry attacks Snape with a couple vicious wizard swears. Snape then begs Dumbledore to expel the trio, but Dumbledore is too sympathetic and doesn't even remember banning the words in the first place. Dumbledore then banishes Snape back to his dungeon, and Harry asks Dumbledore if he knows any "super-ancient, lost to the ages, archaic, olden times" wizard swears. Dumbledore responds that he knows about the Elder Swear, and tells it to the trio, which is a 45-second swear with a lot of bleeping involved. Dumbledore then asks if the trio will never repeat the swear to anyone, and despite Harry's promise, they use the Elder Swear on Neville.



  • Before the start of this episode, there was a disclaimer that said this episode was rated PG-13 for language and boyish attitude.
  • This is the fourth episode where all the main characters are together.
  • This is the first episode where a new puppet shows up (Neville).
  • Neville is also the first puppet that is designed differently. While Harry, Ron, Snape, Dumbledore, Hermione, and Voldemort are created by felt and designed as real puppets, Neville is a butternut squash who is drawn all over to give his design.


Potter Puppet Pals Wizard Swears

Potter Puppet Pals Wizard Swears

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